Elegant,State-of-the-artConversational APIs

With Whitehead AI, creators can build state of the art conversational interfaces. We provide a complete suite of trainable, easy-to-use, context-aware natural language APIs for building chat and voice applications.


Why Whitehead?

Wonderfully simple libraries offering a complete suite of natural language and speech capabilities to enable you to build human-like user interfaces for conversational apps.

Voice has become an important mode of human-computer interaction today.

Billions of experiences are going to use voice, both standalone and in conjunction with other modes of interactions. For this to happen, we are going to need tools and infrastructure that can capture and handle the nuances of human speech.

The existing ecosystem is still nascent.

However, the existing tools for creating these experiences are still nascent. We are building a new set of tools so that we can make that future a reality.

Whitehead provides powerful, context-aware language APIs.

These high-level APIs can be used to build virtual concierge, voice-based commerce, voice-first UIs, games, chatbots, perform intelligent business automation, and more novel conversational apps.

Features include:

  • Free-form chit chat with users
  • Generating natural-sounding speech
  • Understanding user intent and extracting information


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